A 501(c)3 Nonprofit in Green Valley, Arizona


MedianGreen’s mission is to replant and beautify the publicly-owned medians in Green Valley. Established in 2007 as a non-profit corporation, MedianGreen joined with the GVC Foundation in 2015. To date, in conjunction with our community partners, we have replanted 50 medians and roadsides, with the result that Green Valley is now a much more attractive and desirable place to live and work.

MedianG100_0286reen’s main focus has been the core of our community, thus most planting has taken place on La Canada, Esperanza and Continental. Several medians have been beautified on Camino Del Sol with more on the drawing boards. Recently, there has been consideration given to replanting some of the medians on North Abrego, as well.

Our organization finds the funding, designs the medians, obtains the permits, purchases the plants and hires the contractors for each project. Once the planting and water systems are complete, we depend upon adopters to water and nurture the new plants for a period of two years until they are established and can be entrusted to Mother Nature. Adopters are key to the success of any planting project and these volunteers usually come from residents living close-by.

100_2205In 2015 we planted medians on south La Canada as well as on Camino Del Sol. This spring we will be planting another on Camino Del Sol in front of Canoa Ridge and another on west Esperanza Blvd. Discussions are under way with ADOT and local businesses to address the traffic circle at Canoa Road and the I19 frontage road, and we hope to be able to plant the circle this fall.

MedianGreen often works in partnership with local service organizations, businesses, h100_2201omeowner associations and individuals to fund our projects. Most of the money we raise comes from grants, most prominently the White Elephant and Freeport-McMoRan. Individual donations are also important to our success and can be made through the GVC Foundation.

Please help us bring the “green” back to Green Valley!