A 501(c)3 Nonprofit in Green Valley, Arizona

Who are the Friends?

In 2018, the Green Valley Council lobbied Pima County for their acquisition of the formerly abandoned Canoa Hills Golf Course. After the acquisition, the GVC  Foundation organized a Friends group for the yet unnamed park. Subsequent meetings with Pima County Regional Flood Control District and Natural Resources Parks and Recreation led to the development of The Friends group which supports the 5,000 acre Canoa Park System.

The Friends of the Park is a volunteer Management Group of the GVC Foundation. Our mission is to support the Pima County NRPR Department to develop, promote, and preserve the Canoa Parks through community outreach, education, fundraising, and good old-fashioned physical effort!

Canoa Hills Trails
The 139-acre former golf course straddles a major north-south vehicular route, Camino del Sol. This park meanders through several residential neighborhoods. The former golf cart path now lends to pedestrian passage through the park. The Canoa Hills Trails is currently under evaluation by Pima County Regional Flood Control and Natural Resources and Parks & Recreationto define the most appropriate remediation. The restoration process will safely accommodate pedestrian explorers, preserve the beauty of the desert trail, and let the land and its natural inhabitants speak for themselves. Come WANDER!
Historic Canoa Ranch
The Historic Canoa Ranch Conservation Park comprises 4,800 acres of the original San Ignacio de la Canoa Grant. Historic Canoa Ranch is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The Historic Park revolves around exploration: ranch life, desert habitat, conservation, restoration, birding, stargazing… just to name a few! The historic ranch is a living, breathing history of the dynamic between the natural ecosystem of the desert and its human stewards. Discover the relationship between the wildlife and human caretakers by touring the restored, rich historic structures that define the taming of the American West. Come EXPLORE
Canoa Preserve
Playball! Canoa Preserve is a 53-acre park which currently houses 2 senior softball fields utilized by BAJA (bajasportingclub.com) and with a master plan for activity expansion.  Chuck Catino’s determination and a community/county partnership resulted in this striking park that accommodates sports lovers and is sewn into the unique desert landscape that our beautiful southern Arizona climate offers. This park is truly a field of dreams that became a reality. Whether you’re in the stands or on the field, come to the Preserve. Come PLAY!